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Concerts During a Global Pandemic

THE Challenge

The COVID-19 virus has created many new challenges for artists that rely upon venue ticket sales as a revenue source. Many venues are not allowed to operate at their normal capacity. Some venues can accept crowds, but the rules are different and the experience is affected by new processes, social distancing, or other restrictions. Artists need a way to bring their concert experience to more fans, regardless of their location, physical mobility, etc. Artists need the ability to offer a more immersive digital experience that feels more like a real life concert event.

THE Solution

The XR Life platform can be used by artists to create, customize, and deliver a digitized version of a concert directly to users’ phones or VR Headsets. Our platform supports pricing tiers that allow for multiple virtual seat locations (i.e. General Admission, Front Row, VIP Backstage, etc.) Artists have the ability to self-publish content to their XR Feed to keep their fans engaged. Virtual concerts are typically more immersive when experienced through a headset, but we offer immersive Augmented Reality experiences that are supported on billions of devices worldwide.



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