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There are many events that currently can only be experienced in person at a specific location. Concerts, sporting events, and museums are just a few of these types of experiences. You cannot re-experience, or relive, these events. The XR Life platform allows you to digitize these real word events and make them available On Demand for your users. There is no limit to the amount users that can be a part of your experience as well as no physical restrictions like travel or venue capacity to limit your audience size.

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Popular Features

The solutions we provide are uniquely specific to each and every project. That being said, The XR Life platform can be used in many different ways to create custom user experiences. There is no limit to the amount of unique experiences that can be created with the XR Life platform. We use a mix of game development, scalable enterprise solutions, and innovative ideation to help our customers bring their unique experiences to users throughout the world. Now is the best time to bring your content to a next generation platform. Here are some of most loved features in our platform.

create interactive content

Our platform can create a layer of interactivity to completely customize your digital experience. We can add buttons, advertisements, characters, 3d environments, audio, etc. to allow your users to engage like never before possible.


The XR Life platform is built on a layer of analytics and usage data. The best way to understand the way your users are interacting with the experience is to measure various data points. We can use this data to improve the experience, process, or strategic approach.


The scalable cloud solutions we use will ensure that your experiences will be delivered in an efficient, secure, and reliable manner. We utilize an orchestration of micro services along with proven industry standards to deliver your digital experience to billions of supported devices.


There are billions of people with smart phones that they use on a daily basis. Our solutions can be deployed to all the major platforms: Apple, Android, Windows, etc. Whether it is a 360° Video, Augmented Reality, or Virtual Reality, we are here to help.


We can definitely help, this is the core of what we do. It is not always clear what can be done with all the technologies that the XR Life can bring to the table. Through an ideation process, we can help you digitize your real word experience and deliver it to your users.

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